Our Transparency Statements

We believe in total transparency. That’s why we provide the following transparency statements for our genetic testing services and our GenoTests…

Transparency Statements

Benefits & Risks of Genomic Testing

There are definite benefits and risks of genomic testing and you should learn them before deciding to purchase a test. You can learn about them here: Pros and Cons of Genomic Testing.

Genetics Is Only One Risk Factor

Please be advised that health conditions can be caused by many factors, of which genetics is only one. Environmental conditions and lifestyle habits play an important role as well. For that reason, if you possess the genetic variant that contributes to a certain health risk, it does not mean you will end up getting the condition. Likewise, if you don’t possess the variant, it does not mean that you are not at risk for it. We always suggest engaging in healthy lifestyle choices in order to lower your risks no matter what your GenoTest results are.

Our Privacy Policy

To protect the absolute confidentiality of client identity, all of our GenoTests are serialized. No client identification is connected to the test as the materials travel to, through, and from the labs. Information is conveyed back to the healthcare provider through a software application and is connected only to the serial number. All information is treated according to the highest HIPAA standards and all data and technology meet with the strictest security standards. Only the client’s chosen healthcare provider(s) can connect the client to the serial number, test results, and client information.

In addition to the privacy precautions we have put in place, The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) protects most Americans against employment and health insurance discrimination based on their genetic information.

Disclosure of Clinical Evidence

Our GenoTest Reports provide suggestions of lifestyle adjustments one can put into place based on the level of susceptibility detected for each health risk we test for. We have provided the sources for the clinical evidence used at the end of each section of the report. We will also notify you when scientists make new discoveries that affect your report.


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