Personalized Care

Why take a one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare when you know you’re going to have to keep trying different treatments and strategies to find the ones that work for you? These days, there is no reason to go that route. Personalized care uses the latest science to provide a customized approach to health and wellness.

With the science of genomics (the study of human genes), healthcare is becoming more personalized, so much so that the healthcare of the future is being referred to as precision health.

Personalized CareWhen we get truly customized with our healthcare, down to our DNA, we can more precisely predictprevent, and participate in our health and wellness. When genetics are looked at in combination with family history, lifestyle and environmental conditions, precision is certainly the outcome.

Here’s why personalized care is so important…

  • It leads to better health outcomes – By using targeted prevention strategies, rather than simply trying things to see what will work, you’ll get more effective care with fewer side-effects in less time.
  • It leads to better patient participation and compliance – Too often, people are prescribed a medication or treatment, but they don’t follow through because they are unclear on whether it will actually work for them. When your treatment plan is personalized to you, it’s easier to feel more engaged and confident in the care plan that is recommended.
  • It’s more comprehensive and cause-based – Personalized care is a holistic approach that makes it easier to understand the root causes of health issues instead of just looking at symptoms.
  • It’s proactive – With personalized care, the goal is to be proactive so you can enjoy the benefits of a wellness lifestyle.
  • It allows you to make more informed decisions about your health – Healthcare is no longer a guessing game when you take a personalized approach.
  • It reduces negative side-effects – When you understand what preventative solutions will work best for you, you don’t have to endure as much trial and error and side-effects.
  • It makes earlier disease intervention possible – With personalized health, it’s no longer a “wait and see” kind of care.
  • It’s more affordable – Chronic conditions are expensive, so investing in prevention strategies will always be more cost effective in the long run.
  • It reduces emotional stress – Plans in general help to reduce stress, and the same goes for personalized SMART Health Action Plans to help you be proactive about your health.
  • It promotes a stronger doctor-patient relationship – Personalized care is an ongoing process that allows your physician, healthcare provider, or health coach to get to know you much better than the typical 10-minute doctor appointments we are used to.

Personalized healthcare utilizes your genetic blueprint, as well as your lifestyle, environmental, family history and clinical information to help you engage in your health in a truly unique and personalized way. Now you can get more precise with your healthcare to get better outcomes with the added benefit of less trial and error.

How CarpeVITA Precision Health Addresses Personalized Care

At CarpeVITA Precision Health, our CV4P™ approach to personalized care is so comprehensive and cost effective that you’ll be able to take control of your health in no time.

Here’s how it works:


You’ll start with a simple saliva DNA test (we call it a CarpeVITA GenoTest), which will be conveniently mailed to your house.

This will allow you to understand your genetic strengths and weaknesses related to your health so you can make more informed decisions and better understand what preventative strategies will work for you. You’ll be able to take better control of your health.

Complementary Health Coaching

Then, one of our CarpeVITA Certified Health Coaches will work with you to bring the other important components of personalized health into the picture (lifestyle, environment and family health history), and to create your personalized SMART Health Action Plan.

Health coaching is an essential piece to the puzzle, so we offer several months of coaching at no additional charge to you! After your coach helps you create a SMART Health Action Plan, he or she will then work with you to manage and monitor the plan and provide you with any resources you need to do so.

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