Predicting Your Health

Prevention is extremely important when it comes to your health. But how can you develop a prevention plan for yourself if you don’t really know what you are trying to prevent? Sure, you can try to prevent everything, but that’s not very effective. That’s why predicting your genetic health strength and weaknesses is key.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could figure out what you need to prevent and the best lifestyle adjustments that will work for you so you wouldn’t have to endure a lot of trial and error and unnecessary costs?

Predicting Health IssuesWouldn’t that make for an easier and more targeted approach to health?

Of course, it would!

That’s why our CV4P™ approach to health and wellness starts with genomic testing. With a genetic test, we can pinpoint your genetic strengths and weaknesses related to health and the healthy lifestyle habits that will serve you best so you can use that information as a starting point for developing a prevention plan.

Here’s how our CV4P™ program of Prediction, Prevention, Personalization and Participation works:

  1. Saliva Test – First, we mail you a genomic testing kit (GenoTest), and you simply spit in a tube and mail it back to us using the pre-paid box you received with your kit.
  2. DNA Analysis – From your saliva, we extract your DNA, and we analyze it with the help of a team of genetic experts, the latest scientific data, and cutting-edge technology.
  3. Personalized Report – Through our analysis, we are able to provide you with a detailed report that can provide you with a blueprint for your health.
  4. Health Coaching – A CarpeVITA Certified Health Coach will walk you through your results and gather further information from you about your lifestyle, environment and family health history. He or she will then help you develop a personalized SMART Health Action Plan to work towards preventing your risks.
  5. Continued Care Management – You’ll receive monthly coaching sessions to manage and monitor your prevention plan (initial health coaching is complementary and the number of sessions you receive is based on the test you purchase). By fully participating in your health and working with your coach, you’ll take control of your health.

Predicting Health Issues With Your Genomic Test Results

Depending on the test you chose to order, you’ll learn things like:

  • Risks and susceptibilities, relative to your population/ethnicity, to breast cancer, prostate cancer, and liver cancer
  • Risks and susceptibilities, relative to your population/ethnicity, to heart conditions, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and chronic fatigue
  • Understanding how the body manages weight
  • Understanding how the body metabolizes fats, sugar, iron, folic acid, and vitamins E and F
  • Determining the body’s resistance to insulin (metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes)
  • Insights into hypertriglyceridemia and altered HDL/DL ratios
  • Susceptibility to inflammation and accelerated aging
  • Understanding the body’s antioxidant and detoxifying response
  • Determining if sensitivities to gluten, caffeine, lactose, fructose and alcohol exist

Gain a better understanding of your genetic health strengths and weaknesses so you can create a better prevention plan today!

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Please Note:

Genomic testing is not a diagnosis, and the results presented are not an indication that you have or will get a health issue or sensitivity. The information provided on your report indicates the genetic strengths and weaknesses related to your health relative to your population/ethnicity. Lifestyle and environmental conditions play a large role in health and should be taken into account when developing a prevention strategy.

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