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What Will I Receive?

  • Genetic Testing – Provides insights into how your body manages certain lifestyle adjustments based on your genetic makeup. Yes, this program is so personalized, we go all the way down to your DNA!
  • Health Coaching – Several months (depending on the test you purchase) of individual Health Coaching services to ensure your test results are actionable and transformational.
  • Personalized SMART Health Action Plan – created with the help of your Health Coach. You’ll set and work toward health goals in a way that ensures you get optimal results.
  • Cutting-Edge Health Management Technology – accessible by you and your wellness coach. By analyzing your DNA through a database of tens of thousands of studies, this powerful software turns your raw genetic data into actionable advice based on the latest scientific evidence.

Why Should I Take Part in CarpeVITA’s Precision Wellness Program?

Faster Results That Last

Since the genetic test allows you to better understand what lifestyle adjustments will work best for you, you’ll have less trial and error, which means you’ll get faster results that last.

You’ll Receive Your Own Health & Wellness Blueprint

With the health coaching services that come with this program, you’ll receive actionable steps in the form of a SMART Health Action Plan that serves as a personalized health and wellness blueprint.

You’ll Understand How Your Body Works on a Personal Level

You’ll gain insights into your unique genetic makeup that will allow you to make more informed decisions about your health and the lifestyle adjustments that will get you there.

You’ll Have a Trusted Advocate & Resource

You receive Health Coaching from a CarpeVITA Certified Personal Health Coach as part of this program, and with that, you’re also getting a trusted advocate. Your coach will help you navigate the otherwise confusing healthcare system. With access to Authorized Provider services and products, and guided by cutting-edge technology, you’ll have the resources, information, and guidance you need to feel confident and empowered.

What Am I Being Tested For?

The genetic information we test for depends on the test you are purchasing. To learn about what each individual GenoTest includes, please visit https://carpevitaprecisionhealth.com/purchase-a-genotest

What is CarpeVITA Precision Health?

CarpeVITA Precision Health provides a full continuum of care that empowers individuals to improve, not just maintain their health. Our CV4P™ approach to health and wellness sets you up for success. By putting the 4 P’s into action (Prediction, Prevention, Personalization and Participation), you can realize better outcomes at a reduced overall cost. Through Genomic Testing and Health Coaching services, we provide a comprehensive and proactive solution that focuses on wellness. It’s an empowering process that allows you to take control of your health and make more informed decisions. You can learn more about us at https://carpevitaprecisionhealth.com.

What is Precision Health?

Precision health is the healthcare of the future, but we are bringing it to you now! It utilizes the field of genomics and the human genome in order to precisely treat and prevent health conditions and to take advantage of the body’s responses and advantages that can help us thrive as a result of our unique genetic makeup. When it comes to health and wellness, you can’t get more precise than you can when you work with a person’s DNA. We provide you with personalized health and wellness solutions that utilize the most cutting-edge precision health services.

How Can a DNA Test Help Me With My Health & Fitness Goals?

Typically, people go about health and wellness by trying to prevent all the health issues they can and then treating the ones that come up as soon as possible. There are two problems with that approach, however: 1) Not every preventative approach works the same for every person, and 2) when we wait until we already have a condition to treat it, we’ve made our journey to health much more difficult.

By understanding your genetic strengths and weaknesses in relation to health as well as the lifestyle adjustments that are more likely to work for you as an individual, you are taking a much more informed approach to your health, and prevention becomes easier as a result.

Please Note: Genetic tests are not diagnostic and they are not the be-all and end-all. An indication that you don’t have a high susceptibility to a certain health condition does not mean you are free and clear. Having a susceptibility, on the other hand, does not mean you will definitely get the condition. It’s important to remember that genetics, lifestyle and environment all play an important role in our health.

How Much of a Role Does Genetics Play in Health & Wellness?

Genetics is one component in what we call the “Trifecta of Health.” The other components are lifestyle and environment. This is good news! It means that when we locate a genetic weakness, we have the opportunity to make better lifestyle choices to turn the outcome around.


What is Genomics?

Genomics is the study of the human genome, including genes and the role they play in biology and disease. As this science advances, the information learned and the application of that information will transform the healthcare industry due to an enhanced ability to diagnose, predict, prevent and treat health issues. It also allows for a more personalized approach to healthcare because it gives individuals a way to determine their genetic strengths and weaknesses related to their health, as well as the lifestyle adjustments that will work best with their genetic makeup. Click here to learn more about the field of genomics.

What is DNA?

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is essentially the blueprint that contains the information that makes each person who they are. Each cell in our bodies contains chromosomes that contain our DNA. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, with each pair containing one chromosome from our mother’s egg and one from our father’s sperm. DNA is organized into genes, which encode proteins that are needed for our bodies to grow and function.

What is a Phenotype?

A Phenotype is the set of observable characteristics of an individual resulting from the interaction of its genotype with the environment. CarpeVITA Personalized Health Coaching reaches beyond traditional health coaching, nutrition planning, or personal training by tailoring guidance to each client’s phenotype.

What DNA is Disease-Causing?

There are variations in each person’s DNA that do not cause disease, and these are called benign variants. Disease-causing DNA contain pathogenic mutations, which are changes in the DNA that cause genes to be damaged, leading to a disruption in the function of the proteins encoded by the DNA.


How is a Genetic Test Done?

CarpeVITA GenoTests are simple saliva tests that can be done in the comfort of your own home. You simply spit saliva into a small tube and mail it to our lab using the postage-paid box provided. Our partners at Rutgers University Center for DNA Research extract your DNA and then identify the gene types and variants that are unique to you. Our cutting-edge technology compares your genotype to all of the available scientific evidence about the characteristics presented by your genetic “fingerprint.” We then provide a report that breaks the information down into health- and wellness-related characteristics and you’ll be guided through the report with a CarpeVITA Certified Personal Health Coach.

Who Should Get Tested?

If you want to develop a better understanding of your unique biological makeup and health characteristics in order to create a more informed approach to managing your health and wellness, a CarpeVITA GenoTest and consulting with a CarpeVITA Personal Health Coach who is trained in genetic science, could help guide you. Consult with a healthcare professional to determine if a GenoTest makes sense for you. Our Genetic Testing Pros and Cons will provide you with more information.

Where Can I Get Genetic Testing Done?

We provide genetic tests that can be taken at home, but you must work with a CarpeVITA Certified Personal Health Coach to receive the results of your GenoTest in order for us to be in compliance with the FDA. Once you purchase a GenoTest at https://carpevitaprecisionhealth.com/purchase-a-genotest, you will automatically be assigned a Health Coach (initial coaching services are included in your purchase of your GenoTest).

How Can I Order Genomic Testing From CarpeVITA Genomics?

If a CarpeVITA Authorized Provider has given you a referral card, you can purchase a GenoTest online here. If you are not working with a provider, simply order a test online here and enter CarpeVITA Health Coach in the “Provider” field. The GenoTest requires that you provide a saliva sample by spitting into a small tube and mailing it to our lab. Your CarpeVITA Health Coach will receive the results of your test and will review them with you and will work with you to create a SMART Health Action Plan.

How Long Does It Take To Get Results?

The standard wait time for genetic test results in the industry ranges from a few weeks to several months depending on the genes being analyzed. Our test results take about 8-10 weeks to complete. This is because of the complexity of sequencing and analyzing the DNA. To give you an idea of the task at hand, there are 6.6 billion chemical letters in each cell within our bodies that need to be sequenced and then it is analyzed and carefully compared to scientific evidence to discover your unique strengths and weaknesses related to your health. As you can see, it’s an extremely complicated process and we want to make sure we get it right. You can learn more about why genetic testing takes so long in this article.

Once the test results are in, your Health Coach will contact you to set up a coaching appointment to discuss your results and begin creating a personalized SMART Health Action Plan. You’ll receive a certain amount health coaching services as determined by the test you purchased (and there is always the option to continue receiving coaching beyond what is included).

How Will I Receive My Results?

Your Health Coach will receive a summary of your report findings and after reviewing the results with you, you will be able to download an easy to read, detailed, personalized PDF report.

How is CarpeVITA Genomics Different From Other Genetic Test Offerings?

We offer a comprehensive new approach to health and wellness, not just a genetic testing product. A genetic report alone does not improve one’s health. Our Health Coaching services coupled with our GenoTests is what helps people achieve the health they desire because they are given actionable steps and they take immediate action to get real outcomes. In addition, most consumer tests in the marketplace are focused on only a few markers of your DNA and are usually more interested in determining your ancestry. CarpeVITA GenoTests look at a higher number of indicators than most genetic tests, which means that the results you receive are more comprehensive and are based on a larger amount of evidence. To learn more about what makes CarpeVITA Genomics stand out, click here.

How Accurate are the GenoTests?

DNA tests themselves are very accurate. It is the way the test is analyzed that determines the accuracy of the information and recommendations you receive in your GenoTest report. Expert analysts utilize cutting-edge technology and evidence based on the best scientific publications available globally to determine how you compare with the whole population (you will receive a full bibliography of that evidence in your personalized report). When talking about genomics, accuracy refers only to how accurate the determination of how your genetic markers compare to the rest of the population with regard to a number of genetic indicators.

Will a GenoTest Reveal if I Already Have a Disease?

No, a GenoTest is not a diagnostic test and cannot reveal if you already have a disease or if you will get a disease. GenoTests assess and provide valuable health information that is personalized to you so that you can better understand your genetic strengths and weaknesses related to health as compared to the population within your ethnicity.

Is My Genetic Information Protected?

All information contained in the CarpeVITA GenoTests is yours and your privacy will be maintained according to US HIPAA requirements. Only those healthcare professionals and others to whom you consent or who order the test for you will receive any information related to your test results. All our tests are serialized and only healthcare professionals will have a way to connect your test with your personal information. Learn more about patient confidentiality here.

What Types of GenoTests Are Available From CarpeVITA Genomics?

We offer a variety of GenoTests, and you can learn more about them here.

What Methods Does CarpeVITA Use For Screening?

We use state-of-the-art technologies and the latest scientific evidence, working with our partners at Rutgers University Center for DNA Research (RUCDR Infinite Biologics), Illumina, and European Genetics expert, myGenomics. Our labs in the US and Europe are certified by governing bodies and are accredited by all relevant certifying bodies.

How Can I Learn More About DNA Testing & Precision Health?

To learn more about our genomic tests and how you can benefit from knowing your genomic makeup, we encourage you to visit our website (https://www.carpevitaprecisionhealth.com/), and follow us on the following social media channels:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carpevitaprecisionhealth/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CVPHealth

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carpevita-precision-health/


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