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Health Coaching

Step 2: Get Coached

After you’ve taken your DNA test (genomic test), a CarpeVITA Certified Personal Health Coach will be in touch with you to begin your complimentary health coaching services.

This is where the magic happens!

Health Coaching Will Change Your Life

It’s been proven that when people work with a health coach, they stop floundering and start thriving!

The genomic test itself isn’t going to help you. It’s the action steps you take after you receive your DNA report that will transform your health and your life. A Health Coach turns our genomic tests into an interactive process that leads to results.

If you’ve felt like making healthy lifestyle changes in your life has been difficult in the past, the health coaching process will change that. You’ll work together with your Health Coach to create a SMART Health Action Plan that is based on your unique genetic profile, ensuring your results are actionable and transformational.

Learn more about the benefits of health coaching here. 

Step 3) Get Results

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