How Genomic Tests Work

How it Works

If you’re wondering how genomic tests work, you’ll be happy to know it is an extremely easy process. CarpeVITA GenoTests only require a saliva sample. There is no need for a blood sample, no needles are involved, and you can do your own saliva collection in the comfort of your own home.

The saliva sample is delivered to our lab partners who extract a unique array of DNA single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) from the saliva. Analysts use evidence-based algorithms to compare genetic markers to global data, evidence and scientific publication sets. The results are organized into a comprehensive report designed to inform you and your healthcare provider/Health Coach about your genetic strengths and weaknesses related to health in comparison to the population at large. It also provides a comprehensive overview of the body’s expected responses to certain lifestyle adjustments based on genetic indicators.

How Genomic Tests Work

Guided by your CarpeVITA Personal Health Coach, you will be empowered to take advantage of the best current medical and scientific knowledge to improve your health and wellness by:

  • Finding out the nutritional foundation that will keep you healthy, given your unique biology.
  • Being provided a personalized toolkit for the creation of a nutritional, activity, and lifestyle protocol aimed at achieving optimal health outcomes.
  • Knowing the best model of diagnostic screening and health monitoring based on your genetic profile¬†for prevention.
  • Understanding the Health Monitoring and Care Coordination services combined with Genomic Testing most likely to create the best health outcomes as you work with the results of your Genomic Test.

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