What is Genomics

What is Genomics?

If you’ve been hearing about genomes, genomics and precision medicine but you’re wondering “what is genomics,” you are not alone. The study of the human genome has already began shifting the way we go about healthcare, and the change is certainly for the better.

What is Precision Medicine?

Precision medicine is a personalized and preventative approach to treating health issues based on variables in genes, environment and lifestyle. At the heart of precision medicine is the study of the human genome, otherwise known as genomics. Not everyone will respond to lifestyle adjustments the same way and health risks play out differently depending on the person, but thanks to precision medicine, healthcare providers can treat patients with a much higher degree of precision.

What is Genomics?

Genomics is the study of complex sets of genes, how they are expressed in genes, and the role they play in biology and health issues. As this science advances, the information learned and the application of that information will transform the healthcare industry due to an enhanced ability to diagnose, predict, prevent and treat health issues. It also allows for a more personalized approach to healthcare by giving individuals a way to determine their genetic strengths and weaknesses related to health as well as the lifestyle adjustments that will work best with their genetic makeup.

What is Genomics Explanation

Genomic testing provides you and your Health Coach with information regarding your body’s responses to certain foods, activities and therapies so you can create a personalized Health Action Plan that will work best for you as an individual.

Genomics hits on all 4 of the P’s in CarpeVITA’s CV4P™ approach to heath and wellness (Predict, Prevent, Personalize, Participate). The results of a genomic test (GenoTest) will allow you to Predict your genetic strengths and weaknesses related to health. You’ll be better equipped to work with your physician and/or Health Coach to Prevent those disorders. Your SMART Health Action Plan will be Personalized to your specific DNA, and you’ll be taking an active role by Participating in your health.

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