Why Get Tested

Why Get Tested

Most health-conscious people try numerous health approaches based on the latest science and health news. They incorporate as many health strategies as they can afford and feasibly add into their lives. While leading a life that consists of healthy lifestyle habits is important, taking this approach is not always effective since everyone is different and everyone reacts to treatments, approaches and lifestyle habits differently. That leads us to understand why genomic testing is important.

Why Genomic Testing is Important

Why Genomics Testing is Important

Inherited Uncertainty

Certain lifestyle interventions work for some people, but not others, and until you can tap into what will work for you, not only will you struggle to get results, you can actually do harm in the process. That’s because inherited uncertainty is a key factor in health.

The following example represents two middle aged men with Type 2 Diabetes. A registered dietitian recommends 14 mg of vitamin B3/day. Unfortunately, the results of that recommendation are very different depending on each man’s genetics.

Inherited Uncertainty 3 - CVPH Version

By gaining an understanding of a person on the level of their unique genetic makeup, you can stop spinning your wheels, you can make more informed health decisions, and you can start getting results.


Genomic testing allows you to make informed decisions about your health. By knowing what your genetic strengths and weaknesses are, as well as the lifestyle adjustments that will work best for you, you can work with your CarpeVITA Personal Health Coach to create a SMART Health Action Plan that is specific to you and your genetic makeup. You’ll be able to enjoy less trial and error and better outcomes.

A Personalized Blueprint for Health

Knowing your genomic test results can provide guidelines for you and your healthcare provider(s) to manage your health and wellness. Certain measures can then be taken to reduce your risks, such as healthy lifestyle changes like healthy eating, regular exercise, herbal supplementation, and undergoing regular screenings.

Prevention is the Key to Health!

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Since we are all different, we all respond differently to preventative strategies and our genetic strengths and weaknesses play a huge role in the care plan we should choose for ourselves. That’s why CarpeVITA GenoTests are so important. They allow you to understand what areas you should focus on. That’s not to say that environmental concerns as well as your lifestyle choices don’t play a role in your health – they certainly do – but knowing your genetic susceptibility can provide you with a starting point from which to develop an effective Health Action Plan.

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