How it Works

There are three simple steps to taking control of your life and living the precision wellness lifestyle!

Below is a brief summary of the steps. For more in depth information, please click each link below.

How it Works

Step 1: Get Tested

Genomic testing is the foundation of our CV4P™ approach to health and wellness. It’s a simple saliva test that can be taken from the comfort of your own home. From your saliva, we can extract your DNA and provide you with information that will help you make better choices about your health based on your genetic strengths and weaknesses. You can learn more here: Get Tested.

Step 2: Get Coached

After you’ve taken your DNA test (genomic test), a CarpeVITA Certified Personal Health Coach will be in touch with you to begin your complimentary health coaching services. This is where the magic happens! The genomic test itself isn’t going to help you. It’s the action steps you take after you receive your DNA report that will transform your health and your life. A Health Coach turns our genomic tests into an interactive process that leads to results. You can learn more here: Get Coached.

Step 3: Get Results

After you’ve received your Genomic Test report and have worked with your Health Coach to develop your SMART Health Action Plan, you’ll work with your coach over several months to implement the lifestyle tweaks that will set you up for a long and fulfilling life. You’ll start getting results that will impact your life for the better! Learn more here: Get Results.

Ready to Get Started?

This investment in your health and well-being is an important step in achieving optimal wellness. We’ve provided the tools and resources you need to ensure you get actionable and transformational results. Click here to learn how to get started today!

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