Genomic Testing

Genomic Testing

Our CarpeVITA GenoTests offer healthcare providers and their patients a state-of-the-art, revolutionary way to predict, prevent, personalize and participate in their health and wellness. Through a combination of genomic testing, health coaching, and care management services, we offer one of the most comprehensive health and wellness solutions.

With just a simple saliva sample, we are able to extract your DNA and unlock a deeper understanding of your health. As you learn your genetic strengths and weaknesses related to your health, as well as your body’s response to certain lifestyle choices, you can work together with your CarpeVITA Health Coach to create a SMART Health Action Plan that removes much of the guesswork and trial and error that is necessary without a genetic blueprint.

Our GenoTests identify your unique characteristics, assess the likelihood of health problems, and identify the proactive solutions that will maximize your wellness. We provide a detailed report of our findings, which include a significant amount of genetic information and suggestions based on those findings. In order to abide by FDA regulations, clients must view the results of their GenoTest with the help of their Health Coach (included in the cost of the test!).

Once you’ve engaged in Genomic Testing, our Health Coaching and Care Management services provide a level of support that will ensure you meet your personal health goals.

Everything You Need to Know About Genomic Testing

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Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing – Learn about the benefits and risks of direct to consumer testing (otherwise known as at-home genetic testing). NOTE: While our tests can be taken at home, they are not direct to consumer tests because the results can only be accessed through your CarpeVITA Health Coach. This is to ensure you take actionable steps to get the results you desire.

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