Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Many people already know what to do to be healthy but they aren’t doing it. When they work with a health coach, however, they stop floundering and start thriving!

That’s why our DNA Tests come with Health Coaching services. Now, you’ll have the help you want and need. We’re living in a time when chronic disease is at a height, and our lifestyle and culture in America has led us to endure an overload of stress, toxic chemicals, quick processed meals, and inactivity.

If you’ve tried to lose weight only to gain it back, if you’re struggling to make the lifestyle adjustments you need to make to be healthier, and if you are tired of trying and not succeeding when it comes to your health and wellness goals, that’s all about to change!

With Health Coaching, You’ll Start Getting Results!

Health Coaching has been proven to help people make lifestyle changes that they are otherwise unable to make on their own.

  • A 2014 review of 342 studies found that health coaching helps people adopt healthy behaviors and supports their motivation to self-manage.
  • A study on nutrition-focused wellness coaching demonstrated that intermittent nutrition coaching can be an effective strategy to promote reductions in energy intake, body weight, and body mass index in overweight U.S. veterans.
  • A study on coaching for workers with chronic illness found that coaching intervention was helpful in improving the personal well-being of individuals navigating challenges associated with working and managing chronic illness.
  • A study on diabetes technology and therapeutics indicated that mobile health technology can be an effective tool in sharing data, enhancing communication, and improving glycemic control while enabling collaborative decision-making in diabetes care.

When you work with a CarpeVITA Health Coach…

  • You’ll be able to work together to come up with an action plan that will help you achieve your goals
  • You’ll have someone who can guide you to the services and products that will work for you
  • You’ll have someone to be accountable to
  • You’ll have someone who can guide you to the services and products that will work for you
  • You’ll have someone cheering you on and helping you work through your obstacles

With that kind of support, getting the results you seek finally becomes a reality.

You & Your Health Coach Will Be Guided By Your Personal Health & Wellness Blueprint

When you purchase a CarpeVITA GenoTest, your SMART Health Action Plan and Health Coaching services are included at no additional charge!

By starting the process off with a genetic test that reveals scientific information as to why they struggle in certain areas and what strategies will work best for you, a whole new level of understanding and possibilities open up for you.

You’ll understand your body from a whole new perspective and will receive actionable steps that will help you achieve your health goals. You are able to predict, prevent, personalize and participate in your health for optimal results.

Your Coach is Your Trusted Advocate & Resource

CarpeVITA Certified Personal Health Coaches are so much more than health coaches. They also serve as trusted advocates, helping you navigate a healthcare system that can often be confusing and frustrating.

With access to Authorized Provider services and products, and guided by cutting-edge technology, your Health Coach will provide you with the resources, information, and guidance you need to feel confident and empowered.

Health Coaching Packages

Each GenoTest comes with several months of Health Coaching services (ranging from 3-6 months depending on the test purchased). Health Coaching packages can also be purchased separately from our Genomic Testing services to extend your coaching services beyond what is included with your test.

The Importance of Health Coaching

In order to abide by FDA regulations, clients must view the results of their GenoTest with the help of their Health Coach. While Genomic Testing itself is a valuable tool, knowing what to do with the results is essential to helping individuals develop a proper prevention plan. The Health Coaching you receive will allow you to make the lifestyle adjustments you personally need to enjoy the best health outcomes, and our Care Management services further enhance that support.

CV4P Approach GraphicProprietary CV4P™ Approach

Our CV4P™ approach empowers you to improve, not just maintain, your health and well-being as you work with your Circle of Care to Predict, Prevent, Personalize and Participate in your health.